First Target: Make 500 Users,

then we will able to start our crawler, new server.
No one is going to fight against Foreigners Supremacy on Internet.
So I started this to take back our Internet from Foreigners.

They track us, Use us as their Advertisement product.

Currently we are using API of Bing but once some amount of
users will start using it then we will setup our own Search Crawler server.

Our Company is very small but we will try our best to
build local Search Engine for India which will be owned
by Indians and not Foreigners.

Why you are building Search Engine? Is'nt Google already exist?
As you know, Google is Foreigner Company. Everyone
only complain that there is no any Local Indian Search
Engine but they do nothing about it. Our data is filtered by
Search Engines, They sell our data to advertisers, etc.,
which affect whole India because of it can be used to close
Business of Indians and easily setup their own business.
For example many Indian companies closed every year and
occupied by American company. We should protect
our data, Not for us but for Poor People because of they are most
vulnerable. So help our mission. You can contact me - support [at] kitkit.in
for more info about our mission and also
you can help me to spread this site.